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The team behind CLUSTER® is committed to the research and development of fitness equipment that is current to the ever-changing needs of the fitness industry. Our approach to manufacturing combines innovation with functionality without compromising on design or branding.

CLUSTER® is built upon finding and then eliminating challenges. We look forward to hearing about your own set of needs and addressing them to the best of our ability.

Featured products


Designed to elevate your lifting routine and enhance performance.


Crafted to precision for a superior lifting experience.

Rigs & Racks

Built for durability to support your strength and conditioning goals.

Events & competition

Through the Pursuit of Excellence, Cluster® has become a recognised brand worldwide. Supplying fitness equipment and sponsoring events like the Asia CrossFit Champs 2019, China Open 2020 and many more. 

gyms we serve

We strive to design, manufacture and innovate to bring the best fitness equipment to your doorstep. Through our passion for what we do, we have been able to compete with the world’s biggest brands on a global level.

If you haven’t already guessed, we specialise in the fit our of personal fitness studios, Gyms, CrossFit Boxes and many more. Explore CLUSTER® around the world today.


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